Risk Factors of Teenage Acne

Teenage acne differs from other forms of acne. This is of course just a subjective opinion, because actually there is no difference between teenage acne and any other acne – for example, causes of teenage acne are the same as those of adult acne. But here we want to emphasize some major differences. To be more exact these are not differences but peculiarities of teenage acne.

Teenage acne is really peculiar and stands out all other forms of acne. First peculiarity is that teenage acne is the most well-known type of acne. When we say “acne”, we generally imagine teenage acne. However, we think that it doesn’t give any consolation for poor teens, because it is understood that teenage acne is so famous because teens are those people who suffer the most from acne.

The other peculiarity of teenage acne is in its causes. As it is with other forms of acne, it is very difficult to find out the very cause that has provoked appearance of adult acne. And teenage acne is different because, as a rule, the main cause of their emergence is always known.

Hormones. This indispensable part of metabolism and of most of the processes in any organism gives you a shot in an eye in this case. Too much hormones are never good for the young organism (as well as for not young one) and it happens that we see something like “overdose” of hormones for a body. It is what happens every time in teenage organism. Overdose of hormones is one of the risk factors that causes of teenage acne, say, the most major one.

The rest may be not so peculiar, but nevertheless it very typical for teenage acne – we mean other causes. Beside of hormones, teens merely worsen their situation themselves. Teenagers perceive all the out world very sharply. A personality is formed in heavy process. Result is stresses. Stresses influence badly on metabolism and hormones again. So it is no surprise when before a first date or after a big quarrel with parents a teenager gets severe acne.

Teenage acne can be special, but in any case it does not mean an end of the world.

How Teen Acne Affects Teenagers

Teen acne is a well-known topic and almost everyone has ever tried to find some effective teen acne treatment – maybe for him- or herself or at least for his/her children or close relatives. But the problem is that teen acne is not a thing which you can easily get rid of. It is a really intrusive and bothering thing and you will have to apply much effort and patience and devote much time to cure this nasty stuff.

Where does teen acne come from? Usually acne, especially in teen age, is associated with hormones, namely androgens. These are originally male hormones, but sometimes they gain hyperactivity and people have relatively high level of them, not depending on the fact, if they are boys or girls. This hyperactivity is quite common in adolescence, when the organism is growing rapidly and sometimes it as if cannot “calculate” all the needed parameters of own operation. Androgens stimulate production of sebum, which is oozed by corresponding glands inside the skin, and too much sebum is not good for skin – small holes (pores) in it called follicles, which contain hairs, get blocked and in such way acne appears.

How to treat teen acne? It is a very tough thing because the origin of teen acne lies within its bearer, and you should agree, that it is not easy to get inside oneself. First, attention should be paid on nutrition – you have to restore balance in your organism. Condition of skin depends much on presence of vitamins A and B complex. And of course the teenager in any case should not consume alcoholic drinks and smoke.

How to Defeat Body Acne?

Fighting with acne becomes a lifework for some people. And sometimes significant amounts of money and nerves are spent on its curing. In this respect body acne can be more importunate even than face acne is, because it is much more difficult to cure. The first reason for this is the fact that body skin is much thicker than facial one and therefore sometimes body acne is very difficult to remove or they grow to a large size, causing many difficulties and inconveniences.

The second reason is the fact that usually body acne (especially back acne) is covered by clothes. When a cloth rubs against bad skin, irritation takes place, which can lead to inflammation and further development of the disease. And if you perspire much (for example, during physical exercise), wet cloth becomes a real seminary for body acne. So if you are a sports fan, you are going to be in a risk group.

Different means were elaborated in attempt to defeat body acne, but any panacea has not been developed yet. Though, that is understandable because acne can be caused by number of reasons.

However the most effective single measure against all acne, whether it be neck acne or acne on the forehead is salicylic acid. Doctors advise to shower with preparations based on this acid and wipe one’s body with it in the evening before sleep. Although prescription body acne medications based on salicylic acid help you in fighting with acne, you should understand that one should eliminate root cause to prevent reoccurrence of this misadventure.

Root causes can be various, but generally either something is wrong with hormones or somehow skin pores are getting blocked. In the first case, if it is caused by some preparations that you take (for example, birth control pills), you should think of changing this preparation to another one or of complete refusal from taking it. If it happens due to young age – then you will have to eliminate the acne proper and wait a little until this hormone burst in your organism stops.

The pores in your skin can be blocked if your body skin care is poor or you have an active lifestyle and perspire much. In this case, do not forget about timely shower and prefer lighter natural clothes.

Is there an Effective Remedy for Adult Acne?

As many other phenomena that we come across in our life, acne has some stereotypes. For example, it is thought that acne is a problem which concerns mostly youngsters. Sometimes young adult men regard themselves as “still teenagers” only because they are not able to dispose of acne which they associate with adolescence. That is at least not correct, as regarding acne as a mostly problem with face skin – acne appear at many places but the thing is that on the face they are more noticeable and therefore cause more problems.

The same is with age – of course, adult acne are not so frequent as acne in puberty age, but still millions adult men complain on having them and millions of adult women break forth when they notice these ugly little spots on the face of their own reflection. As a rule, acne forms when sebaceous glands under our skin begin to produce too much oil, or this oil is not removed from the skin – in such case it chokes skin pores together with dead skin, sweat and dust. Acne can also be a consequence of allergy or of harmful activity of a follicle mite – this ugly small creature is parasitizing in sebaceous glands and hair bulbs. The latter case is the hardest in all cases of having acne, but nevertheless it is quite remediable as well and some visits to dermatologist will help you to get rid of this filthy arachnid.

A good remedy, of course, is to prevent acne, which is easier and less costly that curing inveterate skin disease. But one believes in wonder when hears a sound of thunder – that’s why over and over again people have to fight against many avoidable troubles.

If you do have acne, the best advice will be to pay a visit to a cosmetologist or dermatologist. But if you really don’t have time and wish to spend your precious time and money in a hospital, you may try an effective remedy for adult acne like black earth, yeast mask or salicylic acid. Acne can be treated with calendula infusion or some other alcohol-containing preparations.

Natural Female Acne Pills

You definitely can be in good health if you take nourishing medicines of natural origin. These products can relieve your pains, prevent dangerous conditions and simultaneously this experience will be pleasant for you. Health is the most important thing, and you should always take care of it. Ladies can rely on effectiveness of natural female acne pills.

They are easy to use but give valuable and safe results, this was clinically confirmed. Female acne pills on natural origin are useful and safe. They do not have chemical colorings and harmful preservatives are not added to them. The awesome result is obvious in 7 days. Decreasing number of wrinkles and eye circles, smooth and silky skin and various other pleasant results are experienced by all the consumers.

Female acne pills contain only herbal ingredients. Centuries of their usage helped develop a medicine that eliminates female acne. The herb was even mentioned in the news and it was claimed that a woman can treat acne in five weeks or less. Female acne pills can make you dreams come true and create the most beautiful face you can dream of. You will look overwhelming.

Once your resolution is for an herbal female acne treatment, perform a small research on the subject in any skin care forum (I can recommend a Exposed skin care forum). Natural female acne treatment pills can’t produce instant result in comparison with hormones. But you do not suffer from pain and do not get side effects. Before selecting any particular female acne pills examine and get acquainted with the list of its ingredients. It is critical to know how safe and efficient the components are. If you are allergic to herbs, think about other choices.

Consult with your medical doctor if you are taking other medicines. The next step, after you have decided about your selection of the remedy, is verifying the producer. The best female acne treatment companies have the contra-indications carefully listed, like whether their pills are not dangerous to be used during breast feeding or during menopause. There are certain female acne pills that contain Vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant providing your skin and body with moisture.

Natural Skin Care

Some herbs may be very helpful in natural skin care. They are:

Dandelion (root)

This common meadow herb is effective in treatment of skin stains. Dandelion belongs to the sunflower (or Asteraceae) family and possesses detoxifying qualities.

This plant is used in cosmetics and skin care to clear such kinds of skin eruptions as eczema or acne due to a number of beneficial components including minerals, inulin, choline and bitter compounds.

Root of Burdock

Burdock is an herb indigenous to the Northern part of United States, Asia and Europe. The leaves and roots of this herb have actually been employed for generations as a treatment versus cancer of the skin, bad acne, and other skin disorders and illnesses. It has mild antibiotic properties and may help recover softness to the skin layer.

Yellow Dock (root)

In combination with sarsaparilla this plant provides tonic properties and can help you treat chronic skin problems. It contains such active substances as astringent tannis and purgative anthraquinones, having antimicrobial properties. The combination of these two components makes it possible to treat psoriasis, eczema and various skin rashes.

Purple Coneflower (powder)

Generally known as Echinacea, this herb is prized for its immune-enhancing effect: it makes human cell walls stronger thus preventing viruses and bacteria from getting into cells and increases the number important white blood cells. This herb is used orally to mitigate the symptoms and duration of flu and colds, as well as to enhance general immune system response. In cosmetology it is used to protect against different inflammatory skin conditions.

When taken by the mouth, Echinacea stimulates immune system and prevents or lessens the symptoms of cold and flu. When put on the skin area, they may alleviate ailments including eczema, bug bites, and skin psoriasis. Purple Coneflower may also stop germs and pus formation.

Red clover (blossom)

Red clover is well-known for its ability to expel toxins from bloodstream. However it’s not the only advantage of this plant. It is also very effective while curing skin problems due to the fact that it is rich of vitamin B-complex. Traditionally red clover flowers were mashed or chopped to be applied to the areas of skin inflammation like insect bites and others. But today there is a variety of lotions, ointments and creams that contain this herb extract. They are being studied to be used for treatment of such skin conditions as psoriasis and others.

Licorice (root)

If digested in moderate quantities, licorice can help you to treat skin inflammation and redness. There are poultices with licorice used to treat infectious diseases of the skin and dermatitis. Together with other herbal cleansers and cosmetic products it is used to lighten the skin.

Cayenne (40HU)

Cayenne pepper is hot and spicy mainly due to capsaicin, the substance also used to relieve skin pain and itching. This is possible due to the reaction of the nerves. It can have the same function while dealing with psoriasis. It reduces itching and inflammation. Moreover, it stimulates the movement of the other ingredients to the sebaceous glands and pores.

We do not urge to make such mix on your kitchen table. Remember about these effective plants when you acquire products for natural acne treatment. With such ingredients you will be able to get the desired effect.

Successful Solution for your Acne Pimples

When considering a successful solution for your acne pimples, you desire a treatment that will really deliver the results and that doesn’t cost a fortune. Nevertheless, due to the serious market chaos, acquiring the successful solution might appear to be extremely hard mission.

We prepared some pieces of advice for you to follow while choosing the solution for your acne. We want it to be helpful in your search of an effective acne treatment solution.

You should know some rules, according to which you will be able to find an acne treatment solution of natural or herbal origin. The FDA has issued new good manufacturing practices, according to which all supplements of herbal and natural origin should be free of impurities or contaminants; should not include toxic elements or harmful particles; should be labeled in accordance with the recommended guidelines.

In such a way, you are to choose an acne treatment solution following the FDA recommendations.

The useful approach here would be to find real user reviews in the acne treatment forums and choose a product that is commended as the safest and a most effective natural skin care product, comprising of several components to ensure that the user’s acne problem will be addressed on multiple levels.

Prevent acne scars

Acne scars are the result of the natural process of rebuilding the skin in the healing tissue. The density of pigment in acne scar can be lowered with various types of acne products, such as creams, lotions, herbal pills or even laser surgery. The choice of acne products should depend on the acne type and severity of your acne. If you son’t know what to choose, you can try safe acne products and then if they don’t help proceed to costly and painful laser surgery.

Deep acne scars are commonly treated with dermabrasion or laser surgery. Dermabrasion means that the top skin layer is removed with the assistance of a high-speed rotary wire brush or special diamond-coated stone. Dermabrasion requires at least 2 sessions for each acne scar and has the downside of not getting rid of the scar completely. It simply makes it less visible.

The best way of taking care of acne scars is to prevent acne by using acne products. This can put an end to basic cause of acne, treat acne and finally prevent acne scars at all.

Herbs in Acne Treatment Products


One of the widely-spread meadow herb is dandelion which belongs to the Asteraceae. It is known due to its detoxifying qualities. Moreover it is effective if you have skin blemishes.

The components which can be found in this yard plant have curative effect onto our bodies. They are choline, inulin, and bitter compounds. There are also such minerals as sodium, calcium, sulfur, silicic acid, as well as strong concentration of potassium. It is also contained in the fresh leaves. Dandelion can help to solve the skin problems connected with eczema, acne and different cases of rash.


It is a traditional medical herb which can be found in Europe, Asia and the Northern USA. Due to its mild antibiotic properties burdock gives smoothness and softness to the skin. For centuries its roots and leaves have been used for treating such serious skin diseases as eczema, acne and even skin cancer.

Yellow dock

Yellow dock, a common wide spread skin toner, when coupled with sarsaparilla, offers a remedy for persistent skin complaints. Its ingredients like the astringent tannis and the anti-microbial qualities of the purgative anthraquinones mixed together to make concoctions of the herb, valuable in dealing with skin illnesses like skin psoriasis and eczema, along with skin breakouts.

Powder of purple coneflower

Echinacea stimulates immune system as it contributes to production of definite white blood cells. It also makes cell walls stronger therefore the person is less subjected to risk caused by viruses and bacteria. They are not able to break through the walls that are well protected. By using this plant one can safeguard himself from inflammation-related skin problems. These kinds of plants formerly were found wild on the flatlands of America and Canada; however they’re currently being farmed in European countries and most of Asia, plus North America.

This herb enhances the immune system. In such a way, it makes the symptoms and duration of many diseases (such as flu, cold and so on) last less. It alleviates some skin problems like insect bites, eczema and psoriasis. Echinacea also inhibit generation of bacteria and purulence.

Women Acne

Lots of women know this: painful feelings, changes of mood, bloating and skin problems. It is widely known that women acne is caused by hormonal changes, but the exact reason is rather unclear as there has never been any profound research. It is confirmed that practically half of the women suffer from sudden acne flare-ups nearly for a week before their period.

While some women may start developing their women acne starting only from their 20s or 30s, certain amount of them seem to never outgrow it, passing into adulthood with the same breakouts appearing the week before their period. The reason for this is estrogen level which is high at the middle of period and it decreases further. Following ovulation process, the sex gland starts to create progesterone, one more type of hormone which has an affect on skin oil glands. And along with the excess oil production occur acne breakouts.

Some women acne outbreaks are noticeable during the third trimester of pregnancy. The activity of sebaceous glands causes severe acne breakouts and makes the skin oilier. Several females also encounter women acne breakouts soon after menopause, when levels of estrogen start to decrease and testosterone increases in proportion.

So, women acne isn’t something that you can get rid of when you get older. In such way the best thing for you will be to consult your dermatologist that will help you to achieve the most successful women acne treatment result.