Isotretinoin during pregnancy – side effects

There are drugs which are not quite safe and a big deal of cautiousness is always required during their use. Isotretinoin can be undoubtedly named a drug of this kind.

Isotretinoin is one of the most well-known and the most effective drugs that are used for acne treatment. Isotretinoin is the most widely known as Roaccutane – a trademark under which the most commonly used preparation containing isotretinoin is sold. As per its origin isotretinoin is a drug from the group of retinoids – synthetic analogues for vitamin A. Among retinoids, isotretinoin is the most powerful and effective. But at the same time it possesses some side effects, which imply that this drug should be used very carefully, as it has been already mentioned above.

Isotretinoin has complex action, but the main thing is that this preparation reduces production of sebum and consequentially quantity of acne emerging on the skin decreases significantly. Because of its strength and all the side effects, isotretinoin is mostly prescribed in the most complicated and severe cases, on advanced stages of development of acne, when scars are formed, when acne becomes to cause serious psychological problems etc.

Concerning side effects, there are also some contraindications, which imply that in some cases isotretinoin can’t be used at all. The strongest contraindication for using isotretinoin is pregnancy.

While generally side effects of isotretinoin, which healthy and not pregnant people have, are curable and predictable, during pregnancy as well as in some other cases (e.g. pancreatic diabetes) this drug can bring terrible effects. If isotretinoin is taken during (or no more than 3 months before) pregnancy, it can cause severe abnormalities in the fetus’s development, as well as miscarriages.

That’s why it is extremely important to pass pregnancy test before taking isotretinoin, as well as to have reliable contraception within all the course of treatment, or not to have sexual contacts at all.

How to Defeat Body Acne?

Fighting with acne becomes a lifework for some people. And sometimes significant amounts of money and nerves are spent on its curing. In this respect body acne can be more importunate even than face acne is, because it is much more difficult to cure. The first reason for this is the fact that body skin is much thicker than facial one and therefore sometimes body acne is very difficult to remove or they grow to a large size, causing many difficulties and inconveniences.

The second reason is the fact that usually body acne (especially back acne) is covered by clothes. When a cloth rubs against bad skin, irritation takes place, which can lead to inflammation and further development of the disease. And if you perspire much (for example, during physical exercise), wet cloth becomes a real seminary for body acne. So if you are a sports fan, you are going to be in a risk group.

Different means were elaborated in attempt to defeat body acne, but any panacea has not been developed yet. Though, that is understandable because acne can be caused by number of reasons.

However the most effective single measure against all acne, whether it be neck acne or acne on the forehead is salicylic acid. Doctors advise to shower with preparations based on this acid and wipe one’s body with it in the evening before sleep. Although prescription body acne medications based on salicylic acid help you in fighting with acne, you should understand that one should eliminate root cause to prevent reoccurrence of this misadventure.

Root causes can be various, but generally either something is wrong with hormones or somehow skin pores are getting blocked. In the first case, if it is caused by some preparations that you take (for example, birth control pills), you should think of changing this preparation to another one or of complete refusal from taking it. If it happens due to young age – then you will have to eliminate the acne proper and wait a little until this hormone burst in your organism stops.

The pores in your skin can be blocked if your body skin care is poor or you have an active lifestyle and perspire much. In this case, do not forget about timely shower and prefer lighter natural clothes.