Different Types of Acne

Pustules are yellowish topped, tiny inflamed elevations of the skin containing pus. The pus is formed by white blood cells, bacteria, and dead skin cells. Pustules are usually found in areas where hair is located. However, sometimes hairless body parts are affected by pustules as well.

Maculae are small red spots remaining on the skin as a result of an acne lesion. These flat, red areas on the skin make the skin look inflamed, especially if gathered in a group.

Nodules, being the most distressing lesions brought about by acne, cause a serious structural change in an affected body part. Nodules reach the deeper layers of the skin, causing tissue destruction. It is really painful to get rid of them, and unpleasant scars are usually left behind. Only isotretinonin is used for treating this serious form of acne.

Cysts have the shape of capsules filled with liquid or semi-liquid pus. Cysts appear to be bigger than pustules and are often infected. Cysts penetrate deep into the skin and, after disappearing, may leave scars. The worst type of acne, nodulocystic acne, is very difficult to treat. Only aggressive treatment with isotretinoin, a powerful drug obtained from Vitamin A, can help people get rid of this serious form of acne. Unfortunately, herbal acne products cannot help here.

Acne info

Acne can affect either teenagers or adults; people may suffer from acne for a long time. It is difficult to identify the exact age group, race, or sex of people who are affected by acne most of all. Though it occurs most commonly during teenage years, hundreds of millions of people in their adulthood suffer from acne all over the world. What annoys most about acne is the unpleasant look of pimples you are unable to hide as well as the scars they may leave after disappearing.

Acne can spoil the quality of your life. You do not feel comfortable while communicating with people and being unable to hide these unpleasant pimples. It makes you run to the nearest drugstore or pharmacy and try out new products to get rid of acne as soon as possible. Due to this problem people all over the world spend millions of dollars every year on buying acne products.