Acne risk groups

It is worth knowing that acne can be difficult to treat. Acne may appear and disappear without using medication when you are a teenager or a young adult. Some people may get acne for the first time at their mature age. Men usually suffer from acne more because of a high level of a male sex hormone androgen. As for women, they get acne due to hormonal changes in their organism provoked by their fertility cycle.

Usually acne affects the face, but sometimes people suffer from acne on their blackhead, arms, the chest or the back. There are cases when the buttocks are covered with acne.

Acne can spoil your social life as it makes you feel uncomfortable while communicating with others due to the unpleasant sight of spots. In order to keep social relations, you go to the pharmacy and buy some medication. People all over the world spend hundreds of millions of dollars on acne products yearly.

Jerry K

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