Different Acne Products

AHA and BHA, which stand for Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acids, exfoliate the skin. The mild acne is treated very successfully by means of acne products with glycolic acid, which is an additional means of acne treatment. Mandelic acid, which is not a very popular agent, is a good treatment method, possessing both the keratolytic properties of glycolic acid and the properties typical for natural antibiotics. This agent kills P. acne and doctors recommend it as a very efficient treatment method based on the action of alpha hydroxy acid. Another important advantage of this agent is that it does not irritate the skin the way glycolic acid does, so it may be recommended to those having allergies or sensitive skin, and who cannot apply products with Retin-A, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, and salicylic acid. This agent is recommended for usage either on its own or together with other agents and treatment methods.

Remember that above-mentioned treatment methods can be recommended to those whose acne is mild or moderate. Normally you should wait for about several weeks or even half a year to see the results. If you suffer from severe acne, you should go to the doctor first.

It is for you to decide what treatment methods are the best for you. You may know about some other ways not mentioned here. There are natural acne products that include herbal supplements, certain skin cleansers and protective creams acting as a shield safeguarding the skin from bacteria.

Jerry K

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