Acne Products for Hormonal Acne

Hormonal acne usually starts at the age of 20-25, but teens and aged women can also experience it. Hormonal acne is common in women over 30. These individuals typically need acne products for hormonal acne to treat skin lesions, particularly in the jaw line and chin area. Although some people may experience acne episodes on the back or chest area, the majority of acne prone individuals have spots particularly on the facial area. If acne is influenced by hormones, there are only rare comedones.

Why does this type of acne start?

Starting from the age of nine or ten – the time preceding adolescence – the adrenal glands begin producing androgen called dihydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS). Later on a body starts producing other male hormones, or androgens, including testosterone and dehydrotestosterone (DHT). These hormones together influence the production of skin oil, also known as sebum, in the sebaceous glands.

How to find acne products for hormonal acne?

This is precisely the reason for many teenagers to require acne products for hormonal acne. Boys usually find it more challenging to keep their skin clear, which is no surprise considering they have more “male” hormones in their bodies. It can be challenging for teenagers to find acne products for hormonal acne, because their hormone level is constantly in motion. At the beginning they may respond well to first-line acne products for hormonal acne like benzoyl peroxide and topical retinoids, maybe accompanied by an oral antibiotic. Yet, the natural development of body brings forth intensive hormonal shifts that may turn the current acne products for hormonal acne ineffective.

Jerry K

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