Herbs in Acne Treatment Products


One of the widely-spread meadow herb is dandelion which belongs to the Asteraceae. It is known due to its detoxifying qualities. Moreover it is effective if you have skin blemishes.

The components which can be found in this yard plant have curative effect onto our bodies. They are choline, inulin, and bitter compounds. There are also such minerals as sodium, calcium, sulfur, silicic acid, as well as strong concentration of potassium. It is also contained in the fresh leaves. Dandelion can help to solve the skin problems connected with eczema, acne and different cases of rash.


It is a traditional medical herb which can be found in Europe, Asia and the Northern USA. Due to its mild antibiotic properties burdock gives smoothness and softness to the skin. For centuries its roots and leaves have been used for treating such serious skin diseases as eczema, acne and even skin cancer.

Yellow dock

Yellow dock, a common wide spread skin toner, when coupled with sarsaparilla, offers a remedy for persistent skin complaints. Its ingredients like the astringent tannis and the anti-microbial qualities of the purgative anthraquinones mixed together to make concoctions of the herb, valuable in dealing with skin illnesses like skin psoriasis and eczema, along with skin breakouts.

Powder of purple coneflower

Echinacea stimulates immune system as it contributes to production of definite white blood cells. It also makes cell walls stronger therefore the person is less subjected to risk caused by viruses and bacteria. They are not able to break through the walls that are well protected. By using this plant one can safeguard himself from inflammation-related skin problems. These kinds of plants formerly were found wild on the flatlands of America and Canada; however they’re currently being farmed in European countries and most of Asia, plus North America.

This herb enhances the immune system. In such a way, it makes the symptoms and duration of many diseases (such as flu, cold and so on) last less. It alleviates some skin problems like insect bites, eczema and psoriasis. Echinacea also inhibit generation of bacteria and purulence.

Finding the Best Acne Product

Everyone wants am efficient product for acne treatment at a reasonable price. But for a lot of those suffering from acne this sounds highly improbable, because the market is flooded with all kinds of doubtful products.

Use the following tips while choosing the best acne product for you and be sure that what you get is a good value for money.

1. Are they approved by serious health care organizations?

If you want to choose a well-working natural anti acne care system you should first try to find out if herbal supplements:

– The quality and safety standards should be followed;

– Do not contain impurities or contaminants

– The product should be labeled properly in accordance with guidelines set by the standards.

Thus, follow the same FDA-recommended guidelines when making up your mind which acne-care product to choose.

2. Is it clinically tested?

Do not get misled by claims; you can form evidence-based opinion by considering facts and real testimonials. So, try to find a multi-component acne skin product that includes ingredients which were seriously clinically tested and are recommended by a number of physicians and health experts for use without prescription. Also study usual customers’ comments at any acne forum.

3. Check if the product is fully compliant

A product is considered to be compliant if most of the patients taking or applying it have little or no bad side effects. Those, who look for the efficient skin care system, should find the one that is good for people of any age and gender. While choosing products you can surf the internet and look in forums devoted to skin problems. A product should meet the requirements. To be more exact, it should be effective for any age and it doesn’t matter whether a man or a woman is going to use it.

4. What about safety?

It is expected that preferably, an acne treatment or a course must be free from the common “allopathic” medications’ negative effects. You need to seek information when going to use any type of these skincare products.

A simple manner of doing this is to read the genuine tips in acne message boards, and check if the item has been accredited by some main global and reputable health body. There is one more important issue to consider – that is user compliance and tolerance.

5. Is it cost-effective & reasonable?

In any case you can always find a skin care product which you can afford and which price will satisfy you. All your efforts will help you to come across such a remedy. So you are recommended to find the product, which offers the best correlation of price and quality.


There is a great variety of acne products on the market now, including herbal, natural and others, such as creams, nutrition supplements, oils and other types, but still there are very few, which are as effective as the advertisement states. Even those products that are frequently used can lead to undesirable effects.

So the best strategy is to examine real evaluations in various acne discussion boards and to choose the best and helpful skin treatment system that will include numerous elements and will, as a result, deal with your zits predicament on numerous levels.