Fight external causes of acne

External causes of acne are as widespread as internal ones – related mostly to hormones. But, in contradistinction from internal causes (of course, except for environmental ones), they usually can be more or less easily removed, because in some cases the question is merely about skin care and your habits.

Do you do some physical exercises? Are you “ein Sportfreund”, as German say? If yes, you should pay even more attention on your skin than you do on your physical form. Athletes usually perspire much, and sweat is a major cause of acne, especially if the person wears tight clothes impermeable to air. Wet cloth together with skin oil forms an ideal media for acne. So pay double attention on your skin care if you are a sports fan. Take a shower after each training and obligingly change your clothes and underwear.

Do you try to remove your acne with your hands? Immediately stop this practice! Some people like squeezing their acne (in particular this regards to white abscesses and black spots) and/or picking it. Actually these are merely the worst things you can do if you have acne. Squeezing acne will lead to a small wound, which will remain on your skin. It should not be explained that such wound is a gate for infections, any of which may get into your body and then in the best case you will only get new acne instead of old ones. The worst results are deep scars and sore skin diseases.

So removing a small pimple from your face can make you less attractive for many years. If you have already picked or squeezed an acne (intentionally or not), it is advised to apply some alcohol-containing preparations for disinfection, for example, calendula infusion. But don’t use pure alcohol – they dry skin too much.

Just be attentive to your skin and choose good and reliable acne products like Exposed Skincare:

Jerry K

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