What are the main internal causes of acne?

Maybe it is not the best thing just to sit and get into such kind of terminology whilst thousands or millions of people suffer from acne in their real everyday life but it is said that you cannot defeat the enemy without knowing what he is.

Or who he is, but in case of acne we talk about inanimate enemy, which is caused by some other, animate or inanimate foes, called external or internal causes of acne. So maybe here we will try to study acne, to know, from where it comes from. Maybe it is not the best idea and direction of study, just to elaborate the parallel between internal and external causes of acne.

But at least we will try as well as try to make this study a little bit useful. At least classification is also made for some purposes, and all animals (including humans) and plant and mushrooms and bacteria are classified into different worlds.

Another reason for conducting this small study is the difference between actual understanding of external and internal factors causing acne. As for me I have elaborated my own understanding, however, not every time it is the same with other’s classifications. Well, it may be not so important, but nevertheless it is always good to have some common truth for everyone.

So I have read an article in Internet telling about such classification. Surely this article maybe more informative than this one, but I do not agree fully with the classification offered there.

What is suggested by the author of that article, is dividing causes of acne into external and internal. That’s my approach too. But the author offers such categories of  as bacteria, sebum production, follicle growth, hormones (including androgens and stress), genetics, diet and prescription drugs/steroids.  As for me, I regard at least the last one to external causes (and maybe even the last two). You can disagree, but drugs are taken as makeup (100% external cause) is used.

Fight external causes of acne

External causes of acne are as widespread as internal ones – related mostly to hormones. But, in contradistinction from internal causes (of course, except for environmental ones), they usually can be more or less easily removed, because in some cases the question is merely about skin care and your habits.

Do you do some physical exercises? Are you “ein Sportfreund”, as German say? If yes, you should pay even more attention on your skin than you do on your physical form. Athletes usually perspire much, and sweat is a major cause of acne, especially if the person wears tight clothes impermeable to air. Wet cloth together with skin oil forms an ideal media for acne. So pay double attention on your skin care if you are a sports fan. Take a shower after each training and obligingly change your clothes and underwear.

Do you try to remove your acne with your hands? Immediately stop this practice! Some people like squeezing their acne (in particular this regards to white abscesses and black spots) and/or picking it. Actually these are merely the worst things you can do if you have acne. Squeezing acne will lead to a small wound, which will remain on your skin. It should not be explained that such wound is a gate for infections, any of which may get into your body and then in the best case you will only get new acne instead of old ones. The worst results are deep scars and sore skin diseases.

So removing a small pimple from your face can make you less attractive for many years. If you have already picked or squeezed an acne (intentionally or not), it is advised to apply some alcohol-containing preparations for disinfection, for example, calendula infusion. But don’t use pure alcohol – they dry skin too much.

Just be attentive to your skin and choose good and reliable acne products like Exposed Skincare:

Female Hormonal Acne

Female Hormonal Acne

Female hormonal acne is a problem against which no one representative of the beautiful gender is insured. You may use different scrubs, skin creams and other stuff, you may be obsessed with various diets and don’t drink any alcohol and give up smoking, you may visit your dermatologist regularly but suddenly this disaster can appear on your skin. And it really can be something like disaster for a poor woman who is struggling for her beauty but suddenly it seems like all is in vain.

To tackle any problem, you ought to know its origin. See, in many cases we can say our great “thanks” to men for having these disgusting things on our skin. Why? Because one of the most common factors that cause female hormonal acne is boost in activity of sebaceous glands, which begin to produce more oil, which generally serves to protect our skin, but in some cases (particularly if too much of oil is being generated) the oil, mixed with scaled skin, can fill skin pores and in such way black spots appear.

You may ask: “So, what has it to do with men?” Don’t be in a hurry. It happens that sometimes level of hormones called androgens in your organism increases and that triggers boosted activity of sebaceous glands. The matter is that androgens are MEN hormones.

So, after having said thanks for our greasiness and acneness to men it’s time to eliminate our disease. Be ready to have a hard struggle especially if you deal with teenage or pregnancy acne.

Hormones’ boost can be caused by some phase of menses – many women suffer from acne just before menstruation. Generally, this kind of acne is not severe and in a couple of days it disappears. The next major reason is oral contraceptives – in some cases you should think about changing them, if you are taking any of these.

Surely, women acne is not caused by hormones only. But the worst thing about hormones burst causing acne is that that often regulation of hormones level in your organism can seem to be impossible – as you cannot (and you mustn’t, of course) do anything with your teenage or pregnancy acne. In this case you’ll have to have some treatment…remember, that natural female acne treatment is better.


Risk Factors of Teenage Acne

Teenage acne differs from other forms of acne. This is of course just a subjective opinion, because actually there is no difference between teenage acne and any other acne – for example, causes of teenage acne are the same as those of adult acne. But here we want to emphasize some major differences. To be more exact these are not differences but peculiarities of teenage acne.

Teenage acne is really peculiar and stands out all other forms of acne. First peculiarity is that teenage acne is the most well-known type of acne. When we say “acne”, we generally imagine teenage acne. However, we think that it doesn’t give any consolation for poor teens, because it is understood that teenage acne is so famous because teens are those people who suffer the most from acne.

The other peculiarity of teenage acne is in its causes. As it is with other forms of acne, it is very difficult to find out the very cause that has provoked appearance of adult acne. And teenage acne is different because, as a rule, the main cause of their emergence is always known.

Hormones. This indispensable part of metabolism and of most of the processes in any organism gives you a shot in an eye in this case. Too much hormones are never good for the young organism (as well as for not young one) and it happens that we see something like “overdose” of hormones for a body. It is what happens every time in teenage organism. Overdose of hormones is one of the risk factors that causes of teenage acne, say, the most major one.

The rest may be not so peculiar, but nevertheless it very typical for teenage acne – we mean other causes. Beside of hormones, teens merely worsen their situation themselves. Teenagers perceive all the out world very sharply. A personality is formed in heavy process. Result is stresses. Stresses influence badly on metabolism and hormones again. So it is no surprise when before a first date or after a big quarrel with parents a teenager gets severe acne.

Teenage acne can be special, but in any case it does not mean an end of the world.

How Teen Acne Affects Teenagers

Teen acne is a well-known topic and almost everyone has ever tried to find some effective teen acne treatment – maybe for him- or herself or at least for his/her children or close relatives. But the problem is that teen acne is not a thing which you can easily get rid of. It is a really intrusive and bothering thing and you will have to apply much effort and patience and devote much time to cure this nasty stuff.

Where does teen acne come from? Usually acne, especially in teen age, is associated with hormones, namely androgens. These are originally male hormones, but sometimes they gain hyperactivity and people have relatively high level of them, not depending on the fact, if they are boys or girls. This hyperactivity is quite common in adolescence, when the organism is growing rapidly and sometimes it as if cannot “calculate” all the needed parameters of own operation. Androgens stimulate production of sebum, which is oozed by corresponding glands inside the skin, and too much sebum is not good for skin – small holes (pores) in it called follicles, which contain hairs, get blocked and in such way acne appears.

How to treat teen acne? It is a very tough thing because the origin of teen acne lies within its bearer, and you should agree, that it is not easy to get inside oneself. First, attention should be paid on nutrition – you have to restore balance in your organism. Condition of skin depends much on presence of vitamins A and B complex. And of course the teenager in any case should not consume alcoholic drinks and smoke.

Acne Products for Hormonal Acne

Hormonal acne usually starts at the age of 20-25, but teens and aged women can also experience it. Hormonal acne is common in women over 30. These individuals typically need acne products for hormonal acne to treat skin lesions, particularly in the jaw line and chin area. Although some people may experience acne episodes on the back or chest area, the majority of acne prone individuals have spots particularly on the facial area. If acne is influenced by hormones, there are only rare comedones.

Why does this type of acne start?

Starting from the age of nine or ten – the time preceding adolescence – the adrenal glands begin producing androgen called dihydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS). Later on a body starts producing other male hormones, or androgens, including testosterone and dehydrotestosterone (DHT). These hormones together influence the production of skin oil, also known as sebum, in the sebaceous glands.

How to find acne products for hormonal acne?

This is precisely the reason for many teenagers to require acne products for hormonal acne. Boys usually find it more challenging to keep their skin clear, which is no surprise considering they have more “male” hormones in their bodies. It can be challenging for teenagers to find acne products for hormonal acne, because their hormone level is constantly in motion. At the beginning they may respond well to first-line acne products for hormonal acne like benzoyl peroxide and topical retinoids, maybe accompanied by an oral antibiotic. Yet, the natural development of body brings forth intensive hormonal shifts that may turn the current acne products for hormonal acne ineffective.

Acne Problem in Summer

Those people who have acne problem are advised to take precautions before exposing themselves to the sun’s rays. It does not mean that you should skip any great summer activities on the beach or in the park. The only thing you should remember is that you should protect yourself from the sun. Many people have an erroneous opinion that the summer sun helps our skin get rid of pimples. In reality, the sun simply burns the top layer of the skin and dries up acne on the surface. However, it does not treat the causes of acne and all problems return after a short time as soon as the pores are clogged with sebum again.

So, what you can do to make your skin healthier in summer? Undoubtedly, taking care of your skin, keeping it clean, getting rid of sebum and dust is the first step. You should clean your skin at least twice a day: in the morning and before you go to bed. If you sweat a lot, use the deep washes that contain Salicylic Acid and SD Alcohol to take care of your skin and keep the pores clean. Apply protection cream to your skin to make sure bacteria, dust and sebum do not present danger. All theses steps should be done using the safe and effective acne products.

Acne effects on teenagers

Teens take criticism close to heart, as they are likely to believe other people’s words and opinions and care much about what others think and say. Teenagers may avoid showing their face or body if someone said unpleasant things about them. There should be someone to help them out of this situation. The only way to treat acne is by using proper products and not giving up efforts. Teens who dislike themselves because of acne effects may suffer from many other psychological problems in the future, such as feeling guilt for being underweight, overweight, less successful than their colleagues or mates.

Acne effects can continue for a long time and cause a new psychological problem when previous disappears. Teens continue comparing themselves with others and find new and new drawbacks. As a result, they become irresolute, unhappy, nervous and unsatisfied with their life. Their social life may be ruined as well as their career. As we can see, acne does not only affect the skin.

Different Types of Acne

Pustules are yellowish topped, tiny inflamed elevations of the skin containing pus. The pus is formed by white blood cells, bacteria, and dead skin cells. Pustules are usually found in areas where hair is located. However, sometimes hairless body parts are affected by pustules as well.

Maculae are small red spots remaining on the skin as a result of an acne lesion. These flat, red areas on the skin make the skin look inflamed, especially if gathered in a group.

Nodules, being the most distressing lesions brought about by acne, cause a serious structural change in an affected body part. Nodules reach the deeper layers of the skin, causing tissue destruction. It is really painful to get rid of them, and unpleasant scars are usually left behind. Only isotretinonin is used for treating this serious form of acne.

Cysts have the shape of capsules filled with liquid or semi-liquid pus. Cysts appear to be bigger than pustules and are often infected. Cysts penetrate deep into the skin and, after disappearing, may leave scars. The worst type of acne, nodulocystic acne, is very difficult to treat. Only aggressive treatment with isotretinoin, a powerful drug obtained from Vitamin A, can help people get rid of this serious form of acne. Unfortunately, herbal acne products cannot help here.

Acne info

Acne can affect either teenagers or adults; people may suffer from acne for a long time. It is difficult to identify the exact age group, race, or sex of people who are affected by acne most of all. Though it occurs most commonly during teenage years, hundreds of millions of people in their adulthood suffer from acne all over the world. What annoys most about acne is the unpleasant look of pimples you are unable to hide as well as the scars they may leave after disappearing.

Acne can spoil the quality of your life. You do not feel comfortable while communicating with people and being unable to hide these unpleasant pimples. It makes you run to the nearest drugstore or pharmacy and try out new products to get rid of acne as soon as possible. Due to this problem people all over the world spend millions of dollars every year on buying acne products.