Minerals in Acne Diet

The main minerals in acne diet that prevent appearance of acne and of course help to treat it are zinc and chromium.

Zinc prevents appearance of scars and improves incarnation (wound repair). So if you remove your acne by popping, squeezing or picking, which is, of course, not the best way to get rid of acne, at least use enough zinc and this will help you to prevent scars, which often become a forfeit for picking and squeezing. Of course it is better to stop doing such harmful things with your skin than try to struggle with their consequences.

Zinc also is one of the minerals that have antioxidative action, which is the principle that is frequently used in acne treatment. Zinc, as ascorbic acid and thiamine, is a vital element for immunity, so it can make your organism stronger in the fight with various diseases, including acne, of course.

So from the aforesaid you can see that zinc is one of the minerals that have complex action and influence positively on skin, helping it to withstand against acne in all its forms, not depending on the age of the person having it. It is recommended to use no less than 25 milligrams of zinc daily to have enough of this element for skin and for immunity.

The next important mineral is chromium. Chromium prevents spreading skin infections, and acne among them. One of important and noting things with chromium is the fact that it rarely can be consumed with food on enough quantity because of its dissolving during thermal treatment and bad uptake by the organism. So you should pay your attention to the composition of the complex of vitamins and minerals that you are going to take – it should contain chromium. And if you are serious in your intentions, you should consume no less than 150 micrograms of chromium per day.

These minerals, combined with necessary vitamins and other aspects of proper nutrition will help you to have a balanced acne diet will appear rarely on your skin.

What is the best way to get rid of teen acne?

Are you a poor teenager worried much about his or her good look and disturbed by several red spots suddenly appeared on your face? Or you are a not very successive parent watching your kid squeezing his white pimples and you cannot get your point that it is a very bad habit over him? Or maybe your adolescent friend complains you for not knowing anything about teen acne treatment?

In any case the present article is for you. We will try to gibe you a small piece of advice which will possibly help you to find an effective teen acne treatment.  Teen acne is a tough thing, but it is still, say, “crackable”, i.e. curable, of course, with some effort but quite realizable.

To defeat an enemy, we must learn the main basic information about acne and find the best way to get rid of teen acne. What causes teen acne? The root cause is hormones. Of course it is advisable in all cases search for the root cause and eliminate it first, but it is not o easy in the case of teen acne – regulation of hormonal level is not a fast and easy thing, at that it is not always safe (for example, women use birth control pills to somehow adjust level of hormones. But in true the pills does not help every time and using them, especially in abnormal conditions like too high hormonal level, can lead to undesirable and even unpredictable side effects. Anyway it is too early for teenagers to take such pills).

See, in this case it is almost impossible to impact the root cause, but the other causes can be beaten with less effort. The main thing is that you should help the skin to fight against acne and find the best way to get rid of teen acne and prevent complications like rosacea. This you can do, first, by proper diet, then, by skin care. Diet, if it is well-balanced, is one of the preconditions of having healthy skin and other organs. Vitamins A and B (all vitamin B complex) should be contained in your food. Cereals and vegetables with natural juices are 100% more preferable than hot-dogs with beer or Coca-Cola.

Skin care is an elementary principle for teen acne treatment. Using various effective, healthy and safe acne treatment products, should also be helpful.

How to Defeat Body Acne?

Fighting with acne becomes a lifework for some people. And sometimes significant amounts of money and nerves are spent on its curing. In this respect body acne can be more importunate even than face acne is, because it is much more difficult to cure. The first reason for this is the fact that body skin is much thicker than facial one and therefore sometimes body acne is very difficult to remove or they grow to a large size, causing many difficulties and inconveniences.

The second reason is the fact that usually body acne (especially back acne) is covered by clothes. When a cloth rubs against bad skin, irritation takes place, which can lead to inflammation and further development of the disease. And if you perspire much (for example, during physical exercise), wet cloth becomes a real seminary for body acne. So if you are a sports fan, you are going to be in a risk group.

Different means were elaborated in attempt to defeat body acne, but any panacea has not been developed yet. Though, that is understandable because acne can be caused by number of reasons.

However the most effective single measure against all acne, whether it be neck acne or acne on the forehead is salicylic acid. Doctors advise to shower with preparations based on this acid and wipe one’s body with it in the evening before sleep. Although prescription body acne medications based on salicylic acid help you in fighting with acne, you should understand that one should eliminate root cause to prevent reoccurrence of this misadventure.

Root causes can be various, but generally either something is wrong with hormones or somehow skin pores are getting blocked. In the first case, if it is caused by some preparations that you take (for example, birth control pills), you should think of changing this preparation to another one or of complete refusal from taking it. If it happens due to young age – then you will have to eliminate the acne proper and wait a little until this hormone burst in your organism stops.

The pores in your skin can be blocked if your body skin care is poor or you have an active lifestyle and perspire much. In this case, do not forget about timely shower and prefer lighter natural clothes.

Laser Surgery to Treat Female Acne

Many women prefer artificial techniques when they wish to get rid of female acne but it can be risky. The use of chemical drugs or surgical procedure can have harmful consequences. But now many experts realize that the safest way to achieve the most wanted result is to take medicines of natural origin.

Those ladies who come to a decision to undergo a laser surgery to treat female acne have to know that in most cases they will suffer from side effects. As any operation, this one comes with application of anesthesia. As reported in Exposed acne treatment forum, sometimes problems occur, or a lady may need a long time to recuperate, which is often accompanied by pain. Patients need to take medication to relieve pain as the skin is very sore and tender after the surgery.

It means that the entire procedure of female acne treatment through laser surgery is incredibly expensive and dangerous. There is a variety of other non-natural, equally risky and inconvenient means to treat female acne, such as hormones and injections, pills, creams and gels. You are recommended to keep away from them.

Women Acne

Lots of women know this: painful feelings, changes of mood, bloating and skin problems. It is widely known that women acne is caused by hormonal changes, but the exact reason is rather unclear as there has never been any profound research. It is confirmed that practically half of the women suffer from sudden acne flare-ups nearly for a week before their period.

While some women may start developing their women acne starting only from their 20s or 30s, certain amount of them seem to never outgrow it, passing into adulthood with the same breakouts appearing the week before their period. The reason for this is estrogen level which is high at the middle of period and it decreases further. Following ovulation process, the sex gland starts to create progesterone, one more type of hormone which has an affect on skin oil glands. And along with the excess oil production occur acne breakouts.

Some women acne outbreaks are noticeable during the third trimester of pregnancy. The activity of sebaceous glands causes severe acne breakouts and makes the skin oilier. Several females also encounter women acne breakouts soon after menopause, when levels of estrogen start to decrease and testosterone increases in proportion.

So, women acne isn’t something that you can get rid of when you get older. In such way the best thing for you will be to consult your dermatologist that will help you to achieve the most successful women acne treatment result.

Acne Treatment Products

One of the most widespread problems connected with skin is acne. Almost 60 million people suffer from acne in the US and approximately 85 per cent of preteens and teens have acne. You may look for the following acne products to treat your acne:

  • Melaleuca oil or tea tree oil is known for its antibacterial properties. It contributes to the facial skin oiliness reduction and acne outbreaks prevention.
  • Sulfur unblocks pores and exfoliates skin, thus correcting blemishes.
  • Alpha/beta hydroxy acids help to minimize pores and exfoliate the upper layers of skin. One of the most popular acids of this type is glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is successfully used for acne scars treatment. Acne lesions may also be treated with mandelic acid which is characterized by exfoliating and antibacterial properties. Mandelic acid may be prescribed for the treatment of moderate acne as well.
  • Prevent acne scars

    Acne scars are the result of the natural process of rebuilding the skin in the healing tissue. The density of pigment in acne scar can be lowered with various types of acne products, such as creams, lotions, herbal pills or even laser surgery. The choice of acne products should depend on the acne type and severity of your acne. If you son’t know what to choose, you can try safe acne products and then if they don’t help proceed to costly and painful laser surgery.

    Deep acne scars are commonly treated with dermabrasion or laser surgery. Dermabrasion means that the top skin layer is removed with the assistance of a high-speed rotary wire brush or special diamond-coated stone. Dermabrasion requires at least 2 sessions for each acne scar and has the downside of not getting rid of the scar completely. It simply makes it less visible.

    The best way of taking care of acne scars is to prevent acne by using acne products. This can put an end to basic cause of acne, treat acne and finally prevent acne scars at all.

    Teen Acne Products

    Teenage is a roller coaster ride. There are hormones going wild in the body. You make essential decisions that can affect your future life. Your social life is flourishing. In short, life is all about being picture attractive physically and mentally. In such times, we have seen many persons get acne and then suffer the toughest confidence dent of their lives. Girls feel like merely ripping their skin off. Boys try to get rid of it again and again. But that stubborn little acne spots refuses to leave no matter what.

    Acne is caused by an inflammation of the pilosebaseous follicles. Sounds complicated? It isn’t actually. It is nothing but pustules commonly known as zits that break out on the skin, especially on the face. The outbreak is associated with puberty and in most individuals, the condition cures by itself within a few years. But for many, those few years can be the worst in their lifetime. A few break these pimples hoping that it would vanish. But this in turn, scars the skin. If you are reading this article even now, then probably you have tried all the ‘over the counter’ medications and cosmetics that promise to help you treat teen acne. But nature has an answer to it. And the answer is natural acne treatment.

    Aloe Vera for Acne

    The historic use of Aloe Vera – daily beauty care routine – relates it to the legendary silky looks of Queen Cleopatra. The doubts one could have due to the virtually mythical quality of this story could be shattered by the contemporary practice of treating some skin disorders with Aloe products. Acne vulgaris is one of these diseases curable by using Aloe. Although products based on Aloe extract have a multiple application, when it comes to skin care, both tradition and proved efficiency deliver an evidence for all skeptics.

    Acne is a skin disease that affects most of the teenagers and can resist to a series of treatments up to one’s twenties or thirties or even last for the whole life. It does not ravage just the face skin, but it can appear on one’s shoulders, back, arms, chest and, in some rare but severe cases, it can cover almost the entire body. Acne has a series of different causes, starting from heredity, stress, hormonal activity or some particular medications, up to diet and hygiene. If you look at this range of causes you find out it is hard enough not to have acne, and if you actually don’t suffer from this disorder, you can consider yourself lucky.

    Compared to cancer or some other serious conditions, acne is sometimes looked at as a minor disorder that will surely disappear in time. General opinion links it to adolescence and puberty and, when the latter will be gone, acne will to. Though not deadly, the impact of this disease should not be understated, as it could lead to surprising psychological reactions, like insecurity, low self-esteem, and depression or even to a more radical consequence, that is, suicide. This is why it’s very important to start acne treatment as soon as possible.

    Concerning the acne products, one of main objectives is recovering or maintaining a nice skin. Acne is one of those disorders soothed by Aloe Vera.

    The idea that sits behind the technology used in processing Aloe Vera is that health and beauty begin from the inside in order to be visible on the outside. If your body feels good on the inside, that will show on your skin. A beautiful skin doesn’t necessarily mean a healthy one – this is why cosmetics are so misleading – but health, on the other side, means order and beauty. This is one more reason to choose acne products with Aloe Vera. You can also find these products in our Acne Treatment review.

    Lasting effects of acne

    The teen years are a trying time for every teenager. Although all the cares of adulthood are still far into the future, teens are not exactly happy. The carelessness and ignorance of childhood leaves room for rebellion and questions about one’s place under the sun. Looking for their own way through life teens often feel insecure and misunderstood. Unfortunately, if the search for a place in the world is not enough, teenagers also have to deal with skin problems, such as acne. This unsightly condition is the curse of many teenagers because of the effects it has at psychological level.

    It doesn’t take a lot to foster a negative self image in a teenager. Most of them are at least somewhat insecure about their outward appearance because of various real or imaginary blemishes. But a real condition that causes true discomfort and mars a young face is something else altogether. The fragile self image and self respect of teenagers are hard pressed to cope with the pressure exerted by the opinions of others and the comparisons with various role-models that teenagers find for themselves. In extreme cases, the negative self image turns into self hatred and the disfiguring condition is seen as a cruel instrument of self punishment for failing to rise up to some standard or other.

    Young people live in small worlds. Parents, friends and the amorphous group of half-familiar school mates are the limits of their social lives. Naturally, teenagers tend to attach more importance to the praise or criticism coming from their friends or school mates, on grounds that parents love you anyway and are fatally biased. But, since teens can be very cruel to each other, the criticism of school mates is frequently unkind and meant to hurt. This serves to increase the feelings of anxiety and stress, resulting in withdrawal from the social environment into a private world of pain and shame.

    Young people are terribly earnest about outward appearances and criticism. They are still away from the age when human beings come to terms with themselves and are no longer much interested in what others say or think. Hiding one’s body or face and feeling ashamed just because somebody else said that this is the thing to do is a mistake and teenagers should be helped to see this. Acne can be defeated with persistence and by using the right products. However, the psychological effects of acne must also be fought, or else they may never go away. The young man who hated himself for having pimples on his face will turn into the adult who hates himself for being a little overweight or not making as much money as some co-worker.

    The feeling of discomfort and shame with oneself does not always go away in time. Sometimes it just finds a new problem to act as its power source. This is the lasting effect of acne: a poor self image, a lack of confidence and a feeling of being at a disadvantage when comparing oneself to other people. These moods and mindsets can ruin anybody’s social life and often times they also get in the way of professional development. Unfortunately, acne is not just skin deep. This is the main reason you should find the acne treatment as soon as you need one.