How to Choose Acne Products?

Acne is a problem from which really a lot of people suffer. And the sufferers sometimes completely do not know what to do when the ugly spot appears on any part of their bodies. Some people just seem to get into panic, mostly because they simply do not know from where the pimple appeared.

In their panic these poor guys often begin to use multifarious preparations in an effort to find the best acne products, but still they do not achieve any result. In this case the advice will be simple: don’t be so anxious. Just do it – just try to compare different products and choose the best acne product. A cold-minded comparison is always better than jumping from one product to another. Thinking first of doing is the basic principle of human life. And doing first of thinking is the thing for requital always comes, sooner or later.

Another approach is quite different. More exactly, it is merely indifferent. Maybe somewhere deep in their souls such guys do have some complexes because of their acne…or maybe their complexes are so deep so that they have already said “whatever” to their good look.

Anyway these people are also recommended to make some acne products comparison chart and rethink about their attitude. Maybe then even their life could change.

The third approach is more correct anyway – and it is the most common among normal people not burdened much with different complexes or diseases yet unknown to the mankind. These guys tend to find some treatment and often they do achieve success.

But the advice concerning how to choose acne products is nevertheless good for them as well, especially if they have a lack of system in their opinions about different acne treatment preparations. Besides, that is much easier to draw such chart if the one already knows several good acne products. So wish you all develop a right approach to your problem and you will see that it is much simpler to get rid of acne. And systematizing can assist you, too.

4 Acne Products Tips

“Hey, I don’t need your tips” – someone can say. Of course if you are schooled by experience in this area and you consider yourself as a source of “absolute knowledge” – so go ahead. But nevertheless a couple of minutes (or even seconds) which you may spend for reading this small article may be worth hours of time that you are going to save.

“Nonsense” – someone can say. – “These small articles written just for money-earning and for filling the satellite sites and/or based merely on keywords but not on the piece of sense are useless and reading them cannot give anything actually applicable”.

But please don’t regard this piece of text as just a package of some keywords. Here we shall try to supply you with several tips, which can be really helpful in your real life, namely 4 acne products tips which you may buy in order to get rid of bad skin condition, called acne of course.

  1. So tip number one is that you ought to obey doctor endorsements. Yeah, these doctors are annoying and time- & money-consuming; however, they do their job which anyway is useful for the poor one like you.
  2. Then, please refer to acne product reviews. This can be really helpful in any case. Use different reviews that come from different sources.
  3. Acne product reviews can give you an idea about the product reputation and product safety. And these are not the only parameters which you can obtain after surfing through reviews. For example, you may learn something about how to apply the very preparation in your very case. So this is the second (or the third, as you like) tip.
  4. The last tip is to give high priority to money-back guarantee. This is your insurance for many cases and for many events that can happen. For example, you may suffer from some side effects, or the preparation may not work in your very case. So what to do then if you don’t have this guarantee? As any insurance, money-back guarantee is felt to be necessary when you find that you must have had a long time ago, when occurrence insured happens with you.

Natural Remedies for Acne

Natural remedies for acne is always better and more preferable. And it is not subject to asking “why?” In our age of everything plastic we should tend to find some small island of naturalness and genuineness in every event and every thing that surrounds us.

It is better to consume natural food – I hope that you have no doubts in it. However, a lot of food that surrounds us is not as natural as we wish it to be. In America people just hunt after low cholesterol and do you see what they get as a result? Have ever lived in America at least for several days? Have you eaten American food for several days in a row? One friend of mine had such an experience. Within these several days she just felt that her waist is becoming much wider and when she came back to her country she just began to eat her native food as if she hasn’t eaten for ages! That is the consequence of unnaturalness you can find everywhere in our days, and that’s a pity, of course.

Who decided that smell of gasoline is more pleasant to us? Who resolved that taste of concrete is more pleasant to us? Do we taste a taste of everlasting spite and pain, and choke with alcohol?

No, that is not our choice.

Continuing with these metaphors… Have our world become so unnatural? How have our sky and our faces found themselves behind bolt and bar? Is plastic stitched up in your heart going to bring you happiness?

But we should believe that somewhere there is a world, which is green as a forest is. And we should tend to find this world, surrounding ourselves with everything natural.

This applies to acne treatment also. Even if you are not going to cure your acne with something like celandine, which was recommended by our grandmothers, definitely benzoyl peroxide, retinoids and especially isotretinoin cannot be a really natural remedy for acne.

Pros and Cons of Retinoids

Are retinoids good or bad? This question is not so easy to answer as many other questions asked by the life. Even the purpose of asking this question determines duality of the subject – it is not clear at all, whether using such acne treatment products as retinoids will do you more good than harm.

This may not seem very clear because the aim of using retinoids and other chemical preparations is the same and surely their use is aimed at having something good, namely get rid of acne. So, the question in the heading just saps the basis of the purpose, why retinoids actually exist.

What are the pros and cons of retinoids? The matter is in some alternatives which exist for everybody choosing or intending to choose retinoids for acne treatment. These alternatives appeared a long time ago…even earlier than retinoids and other similar products did, but still sometimes and somewhere they are undeservingly forgotten.

As you might have understood, the case in hand is natural acne treatment. Retinoids don’t fall into category of products used for the same, because they are merely synthetic analogues for vitamin A.

Vitamin A itself is known as a very useful thing for treating acne and helping in acne treatment, and its analogues have more powerful effects on the abovementioned disease. So in this respect retinoids can be named more good than bad.

However, the subject has not appeared from nowhere, as any acne also doesn’t appear without any cause, even if it seems like that.  There are of course pros and cons of retinoids but the main deficiency with retinoids as well as with some products having similar origin and effect is presence of side effects, which are generally not attributed to any natural acne treatment products.

You will agree that doing harm to oneself instead of doing something good, which was the original intention, is not the best thing you can do for yourself. Here retinoids are undoubtedly more bad, than good.

So follow up and try to justify your choice – will you go for retinoids or for truly natural acne treatment?

Isotretinoin during pregnancy – side effects

There are drugs which are not quite safe and a big deal of cautiousness is always required during their use. Isotretinoin can be undoubtedly named a drug of this kind.

Isotretinoin is one of the most well-known and the most effective drugs that are used for acne treatment. Isotretinoin is the most widely known as Roaccutane – a trademark under which the most commonly used preparation containing isotretinoin is sold. As per its origin isotretinoin is a drug from the group of retinoids – synthetic analogues for vitamin A. Among retinoids, isotretinoin is the most powerful and effective. But at the same time it possesses some side effects, which imply that this drug should be used very carefully, as it has been already mentioned above.

Isotretinoin has complex action, but the main thing is that this preparation reduces production of sebum and consequentially quantity of acne emerging on the skin decreases significantly. Because of its strength and all the side effects, isotretinoin is mostly prescribed in the most complicated and severe cases, on advanced stages of development of acne, when scars are formed, when acne becomes to cause serious psychological problems etc.

Concerning side effects, there are also some contraindications, which imply that in some cases isotretinoin can’t be used at all. The strongest contraindication for using isotretinoin is pregnancy.

While generally side effects of isotretinoin, which healthy and not pregnant people have, are curable and predictable, during pregnancy as well as in some other cases (e.g. pancreatic diabetes) this drug can bring terrible effects. If isotretinoin is taken during (or no more than 3 months before) pregnancy, it can cause severe abnormalities in the fetus’s development, as well as miscarriages.

That’s why it is extremely important to pass pregnancy test before taking isotretinoin, as well as to have reliable contraception within all the course of treatment, or not to have sexual contacts at all.

What are the main internal causes of acne?

Maybe it is not the best thing just to sit and get into such kind of terminology whilst thousands or millions of people suffer from acne in their real everyday life but it is said that you cannot defeat the enemy without knowing what he is.

Or who he is, but in case of acne we talk about inanimate enemy, which is caused by some other, animate or inanimate foes, called external or internal causes of acne. So maybe here we will try to study acne, to know, from where it comes from. Maybe it is not the best idea and direction of study, just to elaborate the parallel between internal and external causes of acne.

But at least we will try as well as try to make this study a little bit useful. At least classification is also made for some purposes, and all animals (including humans) and plant and mushrooms and bacteria are classified into different worlds.

Another reason for conducting this small study is the difference between actual understanding of external and internal factors causing acne. As for me I have elaborated my own understanding, however, not every time it is the same with other’s classifications. Well, it may be not so important, but nevertheless it is always good to have some common truth for everyone.

So I have read an article in Internet telling about such classification. Surely this article maybe more informative than this one, but I do not agree fully with the classification offered there.

What is suggested by the author of that article, is dividing causes of acne into external and internal. That’s my approach too. But the author offers such categories of  as bacteria, sebum production, follicle growth, hormones (including androgens and stress), genetics, diet and prescription drugs/steroids.  As for me, I regard at least the last one to external causes (and maybe even the last two). You can disagree, but drugs are taken as makeup (100% external cause) is used.

Fight external causes of acne

External causes of acne are as widespread as internal ones – related mostly to hormones. But, in contradistinction from internal causes (of course, except for environmental ones), they usually can be more or less easily removed, because in some cases the question is merely about skin care and your habits.

Do you do some physical exercises? Are you “ein Sportfreund”, as German say? If yes, you should pay even more attention on your skin than you do on your physical form. Athletes usually perspire much, and sweat is a major cause of acne, especially if the person wears tight clothes impermeable to air. Wet cloth together with skin oil forms an ideal media for acne. So pay double attention on your skin care if you are a sports fan. Take a shower after each training and obligingly change your clothes and underwear.

Do you try to remove your acne with your hands? Immediately stop this practice! Some people like squeezing their acne (in particular this regards to white abscesses and black spots) and/or picking it. Actually these are merely the worst things you can do if you have acne. Squeezing acne will lead to a small wound, which will remain on your skin. It should not be explained that such wound is a gate for infections, any of which may get into your body and then in the best case you will only get new acne instead of old ones. The worst results are deep scars and sore skin diseases.

So removing a small pimple from your face can make you less attractive for many years. If you have already picked or squeezed an acne (intentionally or not), it is advised to apply some alcohol-containing preparations for disinfection, for example, calendula infusion. But don’t use pure alcohol – they dry skin too much.

Just be attentive to your skin and choose good and reliable acne products like Exposed Skincare:

Female Hormonal Acne

Female Hormonal Acne

Female hormonal acne is a problem against which no one representative of the beautiful gender is insured. You may use different scrubs, skin creams and other stuff, you may be obsessed with various diets and don’t drink any alcohol and give up smoking, you may visit your dermatologist regularly but suddenly this disaster can appear on your skin. And it really can be something like disaster for a poor woman who is struggling for her beauty but suddenly it seems like all is in vain.

To tackle any problem, you ought to know its origin. See, in many cases we can say our great “thanks” to men for having these disgusting things on our skin. Why? Because one of the most common factors that cause female hormonal acne is boost in activity of sebaceous glands, which begin to produce more oil, which generally serves to protect our skin, but in some cases (particularly if too much of oil is being generated) the oil, mixed with scaled skin, can fill skin pores and in such way black spots appear.

You may ask: “So, what has it to do with men?” Don’t be in a hurry. It happens that sometimes level of hormones called androgens in your organism increases and that triggers boosted activity of sebaceous glands. The matter is that androgens are MEN hormones.

So, after having said thanks for our greasiness and acneness to men it’s time to eliminate our disease. Be ready to have a hard struggle especially if you deal with teenage or pregnancy acne.

Hormones’ boost can be caused by some phase of menses – many women suffer from acne just before menstruation. Generally, this kind of acne is not severe and in a couple of days it disappears. The next major reason is oral contraceptives – in some cases you should think about changing them, if you are taking any of these.

Surely, women acne is not caused by hormones only. But the worst thing about hormones burst causing acne is that that often regulation of hormones level in your organism can seem to be impossible – as you cannot (and you mustn’t, of course) do anything with your teenage or pregnancy acne. In this case you’ll have to have some treatment…remember, that natural female acne treatment is better.


Minerals in Acne Diet

The main minerals in acne diet that prevent appearance of acne and of course help to treat it are zinc and chromium.

Zinc prevents appearance of scars and improves incarnation (wound repair). So if you remove your acne by popping, squeezing or picking, which is, of course, not the best way to get rid of acne, at least use enough zinc and this will help you to prevent scars, which often become a forfeit for picking and squeezing. Of course it is better to stop doing such harmful things with your skin than try to struggle with their consequences.

Zinc also is one of the minerals that have antioxidative action, which is the principle that is frequently used in acne treatment. Zinc, as ascorbic acid and thiamine, is a vital element for immunity, so it can make your organism stronger in the fight with various diseases, including acne, of course.

So from the aforesaid you can see that zinc is one of the minerals that have complex action and influence positively on skin, helping it to withstand against acne in all its forms, not depending on the age of the person having it. It is recommended to use no less than 25 milligrams of zinc daily to have enough of this element for skin and for immunity.

The next important mineral is chromium. Chromium prevents spreading skin infections, and acne among them. One of important and noting things with chromium is the fact that it rarely can be consumed with food on enough quantity because of its dissolving during thermal treatment and bad uptake by the organism. So you should pay your attention to the composition of the complex of vitamins and minerals that you are going to take – it should contain chromium. And if you are serious in your intentions, you should consume no less than 150 micrograms of chromium per day.

These minerals, combined with necessary vitamins and other aspects of proper nutrition will help you to have a balanced acne diet will appear rarely on your skin.

What is the best way to get rid of teen acne?

Are you a poor teenager worried much about his or her good look and disturbed by several red spots suddenly appeared on your face? Or you are a not very successive parent watching your kid squeezing his white pimples and you cannot get your point that it is a very bad habit over him? Or maybe your adolescent friend complains you for not knowing anything about teen acne treatment?

In any case the present article is for you. We will try to gibe you a small piece of advice which will possibly help you to find an effective teen acne treatment.  Teen acne is a tough thing, but it is still, say, “crackable”, i.e. curable, of course, with some effort but quite realizable.

To defeat an enemy, we must learn the main basic information about acne and find the best way to get rid of teen acne. What causes teen acne? The root cause is hormones. Of course it is advisable in all cases search for the root cause and eliminate it first, but it is not o easy in the case of teen acne – regulation of hormonal level is not a fast and easy thing, at that it is not always safe (for example, women use birth control pills to somehow adjust level of hormones. But in true the pills does not help every time and using them, especially in abnormal conditions like too high hormonal level, can lead to undesirable and even unpredictable side effects. Anyway it is too early for teenagers to take such pills).

See, in this case it is almost impossible to impact the root cause, but the other causes can be beaten with less effort. The main thing is that you should help the skin to fight against acne and find the best way to get rid of teen acne and prevent complications like rosacea. This you can do, first, by proper diet, then, by skin care. Diet, if it is well-balanced, is one of the preconditions of having healthy skin and other organs. Vitamins A and B (all vitamin B complex) should be contained in your food. Cereals and vegetables with natural juices are 100% more preferable than hot-dogs with beer or Coca-Cola.

Skin care is an elementary principle for teen acne treatment. Using various effective, healthy and safe acne treatment products, should also be helpful.