Acne effects on teenagers

Teens take criticism close to heart, as they are likely to believe other people’s words and opinions and care much about what others think and say. Teenagers may avoid showing their face or body if someone said unpleasant things about them. There should be someone to help them out of this situation. The only way to treat acne is by using proper products and not giving up efforts. Teens who dislike themselves because of acne effects may suffer from many other psychological problems in the future, such as feeling guilt for being underweight, overweight, less successful than their colleagues or mates.

Acne effects can continue for a long time and cause a new psychological problem when previous disappears. Teens continue comparing themselves with others and find new and new drawbacks. As a result, they become irresolute, unhappy, nervous and unsatisfied with their life. Their social life may be ruined as well as their career. As we can see, acne does not only affect the skin.

Jerry K

Dr. Jerry K is the founder and CEO of, part of a team of more than 30 experts. Dr. Jerry K is not a medical doctor but holds a degree of Doctor of Psychology; he specializes in family medicine and sexual health products. During the last ten years Dr. Jerry K has authored a lot of health blogs and a number of books on nutrition and sexual health.